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About Me

My Background 


A Senior at Apex Friendship High, my unique perspective as a teen is what fueled my own financial journey, and inspired me to advise others. 


  • Deca District Conference 1st Place 

  • Deca State Conference 2nd Place 

  • International DECA Conference Top 20 

  • CEO Of TYE Entrepreneurship Team 

    • Placed 3rd in State Competition ​


My unique perspective as a teen is what allows me to provide a successful service - as a teen, I understand the wants of teens, but also understand barriers that they might face, in financial education, or spending behavior.

Who I Help

Teens and Adults alike - from the financially unaware to the financially sound 

How I Do It


The education of basic financial principles is crucial, yet is often ignored. 

What's in It for You

As a teen, I noticed a disconnect in what teens wanted out of their finances, and the actions that they were taking. I realized that teens responded better to their peers, rather than a higher authority. I knew that my unique skillset could be useful in helping teens achieve their short and long-term goals. 

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