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Your Financial Prosperity Starts with the Right Vision

Transform your relationship with money

Why I Started

Money is something hard to talk about - yet, it's something crucial in our lives - the way we spend the money should count. I aim to not only advise, but to teach - help my clients for the long haul. 

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My Story

As a teen, I have a unique perspective on finance. I understand needs and wants, while having the experience of limited means. I realized a disconnect - between the money that teens were earning, and what the money was doing for them. This stems from a lack of financial education - which impacts teens and adults.  

Seeing this disconnect, my plan of action was clear. I had to noy only advise, but educate. I realized most people weren't in tune with their finances not due to a lack of interest, but I lack of understanding. The plan of action was clear, and TeenMoneyMaster was born. 

Financial Programs

These Financial Programs are custom tailored for our clients - they aim to not only guide our clients to their financial goals, but teach them how to maintain their finances long term. 

Introduction to Finance

Three Session Plan

This introductory course serves as a basic introduction to personal finance. It includes personal consultations; in which your personal finances will be analyzed, and a course of action will be developed.

Financial Road Map

Four Month Plan

The Financial Road Map program serves as the 2nd step - someone who already has a basic understanding of their personal finance, but needs to develop a long term plan. 

Yearly Finance Plan

One Year Plan

This serves as a plan for clients who have completed steps 1 and 2, and have a deep understanding of their finances. The yearly meetings serve as a review of goals, and future plans. 

Success Stories

"I love how TeenMoneyMaster takes a fresh approach to financial education. It was refreshing to have somebody that could relate to me, and understood my wants and needs."

Adam Tinkler


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2529 Heathcote Lane, Apex NC 27502


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